Tiens Policies and Procedures





Section I Definition of Terms Used
1. Tiens
2. CHQ
3. Tiens Distributorship
4. Tiens Distributor Business Plan
5. Sponsorship
6. TPP
7. Tiens Products
8. Business Support Materials

Section II Tiens Distributorship
1. How to apply for Tiens Distributorship
2. Procedures to apply for Tiens distributorship
3. Rules regarding Tiens distributorship for spouses
4. Inheritance and Continuance of Tiens distributorship
5. Termination and Re-Application of Tiens Distributorship

Section III Rights & Interests and Responsibilities of Tiens Distributorship
1. Rights & Interests of Tiens Distributorship
2. Observance of local laws and regulations
3. Observance of Tiens rules and policies
4. Observance of product-ordering & selling rules and guarantee of service quality
5. Tiens distributors must conscientiously observe sales supporting materials related rules
6. Tiens distributors must observe meetings-governing rules
7. Tiens distributors must correctly promote and use name and trademarks of Tiens
8. Responsibilities of Tiens distributors for the promotion of Tien products and Tiens business
9. Responsibilities of sponsorship
10. Responsibilities of honorable rank distributors

Section IV Punishments on Violations and Measures to Ensure Correction Thereof
1. Punishments on Violations by Distributors
2. Procedures for handling violations
3. Measures to ensure corrections (MEC)


As owner of Tiens Distributorship, all Distributors should agree to conduct their Tiens business according to the following
ethical guidelines:
a. As a basic guideline all Tiens Distributors in their activities as Tiens Distributor, will endeavor to always treat others,
as they would have them treat themselves.
b. All Tiens Distributors will respect and follow this Tiens Policies and Procedures in the letter and spirit required.
c. All Tiens Distributors will present Tiens products and the Business Opportunity Marketing Plan to all prospective
distributors in a truthful and honest manner and will make sure to present only what is approved in official Tiens
publications and any such records.
d. Tiens Distributors are requested to be courteous and prompt in the handling of any and all claims for exchange and
return and follow the procedures prescribed by Tiens from time to time in all its official publications and circulars.
e. Tiens Distributors should conduct themselves in such a manner as to reflect only the highest standards of integrity,
frankness and responsibility at all times
f. Tiens Distributors should only use Tiens produced or Tiens authorized publications in all Tiens product sales activities.

1. These Tiens Policies Procedures (International Version) (hereinafter referred to as TPP) will be effective and supersede
all its earlier versions from the 26th of December, 2011.
2. The TPP is aimed at maintaining a sound order in the direct-selling market and safeguarding the rights and interests
of distributors. Therefore, every distributor must carefully read the TPP and ensure that they understand both their
obligations and their rights and interests. Any deviations from the provisions of the TPP may lead to termination of
distributorship, forfeiture of bonuses and other rights and interests.
3. If any of the provisions in the TPP is in contradiction of any local laws, regulations or administrative rules, the latter
will override. Any adaptations or revisions that local branches of Tiens Group may deem necessary according to their
actual conditions must be referred to China Headquarters (CHQ) for approval. Then the local branches must inform their
distributors accordingly.
4. The CHQ reserves the right to revise and explain the provisions of the TPP from time to time.

As far as your Tiens contracts and all written documents printed and published by Tiens Group are concerned, words and
terms below must be construed as follows unless otherwise stipulated:
Tiens refers to Tiens Group and all the subsidiaries it sets up globally under the name of Tiens or Tianshi.
CHQ refers to Tiens Head offices established at No.18 Xinyuan Road, Wuqing Development Area, New-Tech Industrial
Park, Tianjin, China.

Tiens Distributors refers to individuals who, upon becoming eligible according to Tiens Business Plan, are authorized to
sell Tiens products and those Tiens distributes, and to sponsor others to become same.
Tiens Distributor Business Plan comprises all compensation and rewards plans, sponsoring procedures stipulated by
Tiens, and all methods, rules and regulations and measures Tiens lay down to represent to distributors, Tiens products,
Tiens business and the lines along which to operate thereof. Tiens Distributor Business Plan is included in Tiens Business
Guide, and Tiens has the right to make revision to it according to actual conditions.
Any Tiens distributor, under whose introduction other persons apply to join Tiens business and are approved to become
Tiens distributors, is regarded as having sponsored the new distributor and, as such, must perform their duties of providing
trainings and supports for the new distributors.
The TPP is part of Tiens Business Plan.

Tiens products refer to products manufactured or supplied by Tiens or its OEM/ODM suppliers and distributed by Tiens,
and products, sales-support goods, video/audio materials or services provided by Tiens and sold or used by its distributors
according to the TPP.

Business Support Materials (BSM) refers to any presentation, explanation, or illustration of Tiens Business Plan or any part
thereof, in both written and recorded form and includes meeting cds, dvds which may be developed, produced, and
distributed by Tiens for the purpose of training and motivating the Distributors in their Business Group, as well as for the
purpose of attracting prospects in becoming Tiens Distributors. The content of BSM must comply with TPP and should
not infringe in any way on Tiens’ copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights, or provisions or any other
applicable laws, rules and regulations.

1. Any person who have capacity for civil conduct according to local laws, irrespective of their sex or race, are eligible to
apply for Tiens distributorship and enjoy the equal opportunities to become a Tiens distributor.

2. People who are not permitted to engage in direct-selling or business operations according to local laws are not eligible
to apply for Tiens distributorship.

3. Regular employees of Tiens Group and their direct relatives are not eligible to apply for Tiens distributorship.
(A direct relative refer to the persons related to the employee or his/her spouse by one generation upwards or downwards,
e.g. parents, children and siblings, etc.)

4. Tiens distributors, who are no longer eligible as such according to local laws or Tiens rules, will have their distributorship
terminated from the date relevant reasons occur.

5. Tiens distributorship comprises the eligibility, rank, rights, obligations and responsibilities of Tiens distributors. Any
person can only possess one single Tiens distributorship. Tiens strictly prohibits anyone to apply for two or more Tiens
distributorships. In cases of violations of this rule, the first approved ID number of the offender will be retained with all
other ID(s) becoming invalid.

6. Its not permitted to transfer or sell Tiens distributorship. In cases of violations of this rule, Tiens will regard the sale or
transfer as invalid, and all the legal liabilities and losses incurred therefrom will be borne by the offender.

7. Tiens distributorship number is the only way to identify a Tiens distributor; in other words, each distributor carries one
single Tiens distributorship number.

8. Tiens Distributor who personally sells products other than Tiens products, who personally participates in any non-Tiens
selling activity or who sells services (e.g., tax services, insurance, investments, etc.) will not sell such products or services
to another Tiens Distributor or will not induce another Tiens Distributor to participate in any other non Tiens selling activity
and/or to sell such products, literature, sales aids, or services to any Tiens Distributor. Induce here insplies to persuade
(or attempt to persuade) another Distributor (either personally or through a third party) to sell any product or service
whether or not this is done to obtain revenues or for any other reason.

9. Tiens reserves the right to accept or reject the application of any person for Tiens distributorship.

10. Validity and renewal of Tiens Distributorship:
a. Tiens distributorship is valid from date when the distributorship ID granted, and expires on the last day of the 12th
accounting month.
b. Tiens distributors must perform required procedures for renewal before their distributorship expires.
c. In case of failure to renew the distributorship within the valid period, or that Tiens rejects application for renewal within
or beyond the valid period, the Tiens distributorship becomes invalid.
d. In case of violations of the provisions of the TPP or other rules within the valid period, Tiens reserves the right to reject
application for renewal of distributorship.
e. Automatic Expiration: if the distributor doesn’t place any order within the 12 months of the valid period, he/she may
apply for distributorship in the next month following the expiration; otherwise, he/she may not apply until 6 months
after the expiration.


1. Those who wish to apply for Tiens distributorship should be of 18 years and above age and must be recommended by
authorized Tiens distributor. During Registration process Applicant will provide a unique identifying number for tax or
business purposes, issued by the Government of India.

2. The applicant shall confirm that he has read the TPP and has completely understood all contents of the Tiens Business
Guide before filling out his Tiens distributor Agreement. He must also abide by all the regulations and stipulations
governing Tiens distributors.

3. The Agreement must be sent immediately to Tiens after been duly lled up. Tiens distributorship number and identity
card will be issued upon approval from Tiens, whereby the applicant can become a Tiens distributor.

4. The information the applicant gives should be true and valid; they are not permitted to borrow, apply in others’ name
or use other illegitimate methods to become Tiens distributor; otherwise, Tiens reserves the right to pursue the relevant
remedies (including instantly terminating the Tiens distributorship)

5. Prohibited sponsoring practices: No prospect, as a condition to becoming a new Distributor shall be required to,
nor any currently authorized Distributor, as a condition to provide assistance to a prospect or new Distributor, in the
development of their Tiens Distributorship, require the prospect or such new Distributor to :
a. Pay any joining fee or purchase any specified amount of products.
b. Maintain a specified minimum inventory of Tiens products or purchase any non-Tiens produced “product” or other
“pack” or “Starter Guide”.
c. Purchase literature, audio-visual aids.
d. Purchase tickets for and/or attend or participate in rallies, seminars, or other meetings.
e. A Distributor is not required to purchase Tiens products for an amount or quantity that exceeds the amount for which
such products can be expected to be sold or resold to consumers.
The only requirement which a sponsoring Distributor can impose upon a prospect whom he is willing to Sponsor is
that the prospect shall fill and sign an Application for Distributor Authorization Form and submit it to Tiens and receive a
Business Starter Guide and an Identity Card from Tiens.

6. Refusal of Renewal: Tiens reserves the right to refuse any renewal request and can revoke any Distributor’s renewal
application if, in its opinion, the Distributor’s activities have not been in accordance with the interests of Tiens India, or
if the Distributor did not comply with any of the TPP during the 12 months preceding the period for which renewal is sought.

7. Resignation: A Distributor can cancel his Tiens Business at any time by sending a letter to Tiens India with a copy to his
Sponsor and the highest rank in their Network.

8. Informal Partnerships: In the case of an informal (unregistered) partnership, the Tiens Distributorship shall be only under
the names of the individual partners and not under a business name that the partnership might use for other transactions.

9. Legal Entity Distributorships: A Distributor may own and operate his or her Distributorship as a sole proprietary concern
or registered partnership form or limited liability company (LLC), provided it complies with certain requirements and
conditions. Tiens values its personal relationship with its Distributors and would not ordinarily appoint a sole proprietary
concern/partnership form/limited liability company as a Distributor or approve of a transfer of a Tiens Distributorship from
one or more individuals to any of the above. However, Tiens recognizes that certain advantages could accrue to a
Distributorship which adopts a legal entity structure, including
a. Tax benefits and tax savings,
b. Perpetual existence and limited liability for a LLC
c. Estate planning, and
d. Ease of transfer.
It may also happen that, the impersonal character of a legal entity Distributorship could result in unfavorable
consequences to Tiens unless certain conditions or restrictions are imposed. Accordingly, Tiens will require such
Distributorships to comply with the following:
a. The legal entity in addition to Tiens Distributor application form must file with Tiens an application Form, duly signed
by its Sole Proprietor or Partner or Director as applicable along with Certificate of Incorporation, Partnership Agreement
or trust documents, and the Permanent Account Number (these documents are collectively referred to as the "Entity
b. All persons who actually conduct, and who intend to participate in Tiens Distributor Business of the Distributorship
must comprise the majority of the partners in case of a partnership form or in case of a company collectively own not \
less than a majority of the paid up equity share capital of the company and must constitute a majority of the Board of
Directors of the company.
c. No change in the partners, in case of a partnership form or in case of a company, no change in the number of shares
issued, in the ownership of the shares or in the membership of the Board of Directors, may be made, and no agreement
or arrangement affecting control of the company by the individuals conducting the Distributorship business may be
adopted, without application to, and the prior written approval by, Tiens.
d. All partners, shareholders and Directors shall personally and irrevocably guarantee due performance by the partnership
form / company of all of its obligations and responsibilities as a Distributor or especially those outlined in the TPP as set
forth from time to time in official Tiens literature.

1. When a legitimate couple applies to join Tiens:
a. If both husband and wife are willing to become Tiens distributor, the spouse can register as one distributorship. By
signing jointly on one application, both the husband and wife will have the obligations of Tiens distributorship, and they
must abide by the TPP; if either of them violates any Rules of TPP, each one of them must take the full responsibility and
be liable for any action under these TPP
b. If one of the couple does not intend, or according to Tiens requirements he/she is not eligible, to be a Tiens distributor,
then he/she does not need to sign up for application. He/she has no right to make any claim/decision regarding any
behavior of his/her spouse as Tiens distributor. If he/she intends to join his/her spouse to build Tiens business together,
he/she shall obtain formal consent in writing from the spouse, and then apply formally to Tiens. The Tiens distributorship
will be considered valid upon approval by Tiens.
c. The husband and wife are allowed to be in the same network, and either of them is permitted to have a Tiens
distributorship, provided that they are in direct downline/up line linkage and that the same has been reported to Tiens.
In case both the husband and wife are willing to go in direct downline/upline linkage, they should both sign on their
application, so that either of them have the rights and obligations of Tiens distributorship in order to build their Tiens
2. If two Tiens distributors get married, either they can retain both their original Tiens distributorships, or either of them
can relinquish his/her status to become a direct down-line of their spouse.
3. When divorce occurs between a couple who possess a single Tiens distributorship, the following regulations shall be
complied with:
1. Upon agreement between the former couple, the ownership of Tiens distributorship shall be continued by the elected
party, and the waived party may apply for a new Tiens distributorship.
2. Should the former couple be unable to reach an agreement, Tiens will temporarily freeze money to the name of the
distributorship until an agreement is reached.

1. If a Tiens distributorship belonged to a couple, when one spouse of the couple passes away, the remaining spouse will
be considered as possessing the Tiens distributorship and will inherit all rights and obligations of the deceased.
2. In case that Tiens distributorship belongs to a deceased individual who has a designated inheritor, legal inheritor or
designated gift receiver eligible for Tiens distributorship, Tiens will support the latter to apply for Tiens distributorship
and the original individual loses his/her distributorship from the date of inheritance.
3. If a deceased distributor has a designated inheritor, legal inheritor or designated gift receiver who is in possession of
Tiens distributorship, the latter must choose a single one between the two distributorships and then the other is forfeited.
4. If there is no designated inheritor, legal inheritor or designated gift receiver for a deceased distributor within 6 month
of death, or the former gives up the inheritance/gift, Tiens regards the distributor as dropping out of Tiens business, and
it has the right to dispose of the distributorship and all of the rewards and other interests thereof.
5. In case a Tiens distributor loses his/her labor capacity or is 65 or older, Tiens, with a view to continuing to expand Tiens
network, permits the distributorship to be passed from one generation to another; the Tiens distributor is allowed to
designate in advance, according to his/her own wishes, a direct relative (children, spouse or siblings) eligible for Tiens
distributorship, so as to pass on the distributorship; the original distributor loses his/her distributorship from the date
when it is passed on; if the person who receives the distributorship is already a Tiens distributor, the person must choose
a single one between the two distributorships and then the other one is canceled.

1. Termination of Tiens Distributorship means Tiens terminates all the contracts it reached with the concerned Tiens
distributor. The Company shall be entitled to terminate the contract by giving him/her 7 days’ notice of the same in that
case the Distributor will cease to be recognized as part of Tianshi sales team and will From the date of issuance of the
termination notice, the terminated Tiens distributor will immediately lose his Tiens Distributorship, rights and interests,
including the bonuses generated from the concerned Tiens Distributorship.
2. Under following circumstances, a Tiens distributor (including one of the spouses) will be notied by letter from Tiens
to make necessary corrections. These include, but not limited to, monitoring and disciplining measures and termination
of Tiens distributorship:
a. Providing false information in the Tiens Distributor Agreement (including non-original signature).
b. Distributors are found to have seriously violated the TPP.
c. Distributors who have violated the minor rules in the TPP fail to correct after receiving correction notice from Tiens.
d. Those who violate the laws or have been sentenced to be imprisoned.
3. When a Tiens distributorship is terminated, the former distributor loses all his/her position in the network, including,
but not limited to, bonus ranks and eligibility.
4. Tiens reserves the right to terminate his/her Tiens distributorship and rolls up his/her downline network to his/her line
of sponsorship. When the terminated distributorship is 7-star or above locally, the structure must be maintained and the
distributorship will be renamed TIANSHI; and if it is a rank below 7-star, the distributorship will be simply struck o the
network with downlines rolling up.
5. Where Tiens distributorship is terminated by spontaneous withdrawal, the former-distributor is not allowed to re-apply
for a distributorship until six months after the termination.
6. Where Tiens distributorship is compulsorily terminated, the former-distributor is not permitted to re-apply for approval
until twelve months after the termination.
7. The Company reserves the right to reject any Re -Applications made by a Distributor and may do so in its sole and
absolute discretion.


Tiens Distributorship is entitled to the following rights & interests:
1. To buy and use Tiens products.
2. Sell Tiens products for retail prots.
3. Participation in Tiens Compensation Plan and other Incentive Plans and receive relevant bonuses and awards.
4. Sponsor other eligible persons to join Tiens to build direct-selling career.
5. Participation in other events organized under authorization from Tiens.

Distributors must abide by all local laws and regulations, especially those laws, rules and commercial rules related to
direct-selling operations; distributors must not make any transactions ruled by local government as fraudulent or illegal,
nor should they participate in any kind of activity that might compromise Tiens reputation.

When carrying out any activities related to Tiens business (including retailing, sponsoring and meetings, etc.), Tiens
distributors must identify themselves as such by producing Tiens distributorship card. Distributors must always completely
abide by the TPP, Tiens business plan and other relevant methods, rules, policies, procedures, regulations, measures and

1. Tiens distributor must order goods directly from Tiens branches or its authorized stores.
2. Tiens distributors must sell products at prices prescribed by Tiens. They are not allowed to add any surcharges, or to
make any other improper behaviors.
3. Tiens distributors must oer product demonstration and give verbal explanation of usage and notes shown on product
4. Tiens Distributor shall not sell Tianshi product range to or through retail outlets/shops or ecommerce platform as it is
not permitted by Direct Selling Guidelines 2016 and company's sales policy. The products will be sold through the Tianshi
Authorised Stores, Branches and Company's online shopping portal.

1. All journals/magazines and video/audio materials created and published by Tiens are under protection of local copyright
laws; without prior permission by Tiens, Tiens distributors or any other person may not reproduce, reprint, produce and
copy the above-mentioned materials in whole or in part in any form. Otherwise, all legal liabilities incurred must not be
held against Tiens, and should be borne by Tiens distributors themselves; and Tiens has the right to make claims according
to law for any losses it may sustain.
2. Tiens distributors can only use the words, audio/video materials published by Tiens and for the sole purpose of helping
building Tiens business.
3. Without prior authorization by Tiens, Tiens distributors may not create, publish or sell in any form sales-supporting
materials related to Tiens.
4. Tiens Distributors are permitted to make audio/video recordings of all kinds of meetings held by Tiens, provided that
the quality of the meetings or the participation of others are not compromised, and that only one copy of audio/video
can be made, and that this sole copy can only be used by the distributor himself/herself, and it may not be reproduced,
sold or used for other purposes.

1. A meeting must be called according to the rules of Tiens. A meeting organized by Tiens distributors must have the
theme/purpose of training distributors, and is used for promoting Tiens business or Tiens products or products sold by
Tiens. The organizer of the meeting may not make any personal benet beyond the TBP through such meetings to achieve
other objectives.
2. The Tiens distributor who owns name/marks of networking/centre must report to Tiens to register such marks and
names. The marks cannot be used until being ocial approved by Tiens. Any network without the prior consent from
Tiens is not permitted to use such network/center name/marks to carry out direct-selling activities.
3. A Tiens distributor network, when being engaged in activities that need name/mark to self-identify, must bear the name
of “Tiens Distributor” as the main identication, with the name of the network as an auxiliary part.
Example: Tiens Distributors XX Network Training Session

1. A Tiens distributor must be aware that all Tiens trademarks, medals, symbolic badges, designs, layout of books/
magazines, audio and visual materials, as well as all industrial property rights and copyrights and other rights related to
TBP and products used by Tiens are the properties of Tiens. All these have been registered, used and authorized for the
exclusive use by Tiens.
2. Particularly, Tiens distributors shall not misuse Tiens brand and trademarks in the following ways:
a. Produce or obtain and sell any goods printed with 天􀀀/ Tiens/Tianshi or Tiens symbols and trademarks through other
sources than Tiens.
b. Print any Tiens brand and trademarks on his vehicles except using the stickers distributed by Tiens.
c. Advertise or broadcast Tiens business activities or Tiens products in any media.
d. Use the name 天􀀀, Tianshi or Tiens as the name for any organization/business, or authorize others to use such names.
e. Without prior permission of Tiens, it is not permitted to use Tiens name or trademarks.
f. It is not permitted to try to register Tiens name or trademarks with ocial or semi-ocial organizations, or to raise
objections in any form or claim any rights about them. Where registrations have been applied for, objections raised or
rights claimed, special instructions from Tiens must be followed.

1. In case of all major claims or complaints made by Tiens distributors from his/her the network, the distributor must
promptly report to Tiens, and provide it with all written materials and dialogues so as to constantly improve the service
levels of Tiens.
2. Tiens distributors can only display or sell Tiens products in stores authorized by Tiens; they may not or delegate others
to sell or display Tiens products on any public occasions.
3. It is not permitted to sell products or recruit Tiens distributors in a door-to-door way, or to sell products or present Tiens
business plan to stranger/passersby on public occasions.
4. Tiens distributors may not use telemarketing method, fax, yers, posters, large quantity mailings or other communication
methods to promote the sales; and they are not permitted to ask others to join Tiens business in any improper way.
5. Except ads approved by Tiens in writing, it is not permitted to create, publish or release ads promoting products or
recruiting distributors; or ads for these purposes in essence.
6. Tiens distributors may not take advantage of the powers of individuals, enterprises or other organizations to sell Tiens
products or introduce new Tiens distributors in any improper manner such as intimidation or threats or follow any unfair
trade practices.
7. It is not permitted to represent Tiens, its products, or products it distributes in any exaggerated or unfounded or
misleading way or .require/encourage other Distributor to purchase goods in unreasonably large amount or to purchase
any literature, training or sales demonstration equipment, nor will sell any unapproved literature/training material.
8. It is not permitted to represent in a distorted way the prices, specications, quality, functions, grades, ingredients, styles,
models, places of origins or supplies details, etc. of Tiens products or products distributed by Tiens.
9. Professionalism: Tiens Distributor shall at all times conduct himself or herself in a courteous and considerate manner
and shall not engage in any high-pressure selling, but shall make a fair presentation of Tiens Products including, when
and where appropriate, demonstrations of such products.
10. Tiens Distributor shall never impose himself or herself upon his/her prospective customer and shall abide by the
a. He/She shall always take a prior permission or appointment before approaching a prospective customer and shall indicate
the purpose of his or her visit and identify himself or herself as a Tiens Distributor.
b. He/She shall provide the following information to the customer at the time of sale, His/ Her name, address and telephone
number along with that of Tiens.
c. He/ She shall at all times carry identity card provided by Tiens along with any photo ID’s issued by any Government
d. He/She shall x time & place for inspection of the sample and delivery of goods, if customer so desires.
e. He/ She shall provide customer receipt with the description of the products to be supplied as per point 20 below.
11. If the customer indicates a desire not to continue the discussion, the Tiens Distributor shall immediately do so and
shall leave the premises of the customer.
12. It is not permitted to represent that Tiens products or products distributed by Tiens have sponsors, approvals, functions,
auxiliary parts, purposes or merits that they don’t.
13. Tiens products or products distributed by Tiens can only be sold at the prices prescribed by Tiens for local markets.
14. It is not permitted to import or sell any Tiens products or products distributed by Tiens that are not supplied by Tiens,
or to export or help others to export Tiens products or products distributed by Tiens.
15. It is not permitted to represent and promote non-Tiens products or products or services distributed by Tiens as Tiens
16. Tiens distributors may not use Tiens networks to sell products/services which are not manufactured or distributed by
Tiens (e.g. insurances, taxes, real estate, investment, etc.)
17. Without prior permission of Tiens, it is not permitted to register or set up websites related to Tiens and use them to
release Tiens-related information, product description or business promotion materials.
18. Repackaging: No Re Packing / Re Labelling of Tiens Products, Tiens Distributors may not package, or otherwise
change or alter any of the packaging labels of Tiens Products
19. Written Sales Receipt: Tiens Distributor shall deliver to the Customer at the time of sale a written and dated receipt
which will include
a. Description of product sold
b. Price charged which should not be above than the printed MRP
c. Must mention the selling Distributors ID and address along with telephone number and Tiens Refund policy
20. Each Distributors are responsible for paying taxes on any income generated as an Independent Distributor and are
also liable to provide to Tiens such tax and information forms or declarations as Tiens is legally required to submit to the
relevant governmental bodies or agencies.
21. While been engaged in marketing/sales, Tiens distributors are not permitted to make any charges in any other form
than prescribed within the rules laid down by Tiens.
22. It is not permitted to disparage, verbally attack Tiens, other Tiens distributors or other lines of business or trades.
23. It is not permitted to make fraudulent behaviors, hoard up products for market speculation, or manipulating sales
volumes or disrupt market orders.
24. While being engaged in marketing/sales, Tiens distributors must practice what they preach, that is, they are not
permitted to viciously spread in the market any negative remarks that are not conducive to Tiens development or hurt
Tiens reputation.
25. Tiens distributors must ensure that Tiens is free from any actions, claims, demands or law suits that any individual,
group or organizations may take against it as a result of any distortion, fraudulent representation, counterfeiting, threats
or intimidation that they as Tiens distributors may cause to Tiens business plan or products. The oending distributor
must make compensations to Tiens or parties concerned for any pecuniary losses, damage to reputation, etc., including
costs for law suits and other legal actions Tiens may take against the oender.
26. Without prior permission of Tiens, it is not permitted to accept media interviews or reports in the capacity of Tiens
27. Any of Tiens distributors is not permitted to:
a. Represent themselves as the employee or commercial partner of Tiens or organizations related to Tiens.
b. Represent themselves as the commercial agent, go-between, business representative, delegate, manager, etc.
c. Take slandering, threatening or intimidating actions in any form against Tiens employees for the ocial activities they
are bound to make as such.
28. Tiens distributors are not permitted to participate in any political or religious activities while pursuing Tiens business
no matter when or where it happens, or to make such behaviors as personal idolism, collusion and association etc.
29. 5-star or above Tiens distributors must nish training sessions according to their ranks in line with Tiens rules. Otherwise,
Tiens has the right to withhold any bonuses, ranks, access to travel seminars or any other rewards or honors related to the
a. 5-star and 6-star distributors must nish, in the achieving or next month, the compulsory courses of the primary training
organized by Tiens branches.
b. 7-star and 8-star distributors must nish, in the achieving or next month, the compulsory courses of the secondary
training organized by Tiens overseas regional oces.
c. Honorable rank distributors must nish, within six month of the achieving month, the compulsory courses of the
advanced training organized by Tiens overseas regional oces or CHQ.

1. When sponsoring others to become Tiens distributor, a distributor must represent the TBP and TPP truth fully and
honestly. During the representation, the Tiens distributor may require the potential distributor to sign the application
form, provided that he/she does not make any fraudulent, concealed or misleading statements about the TBP. During
the representation, the distributor must especially stress on the following points:
---- The qualication of becoming a Tiens distributor
---- TBP
---- Importance of attending various meetings organized by Tiens
---- TPP
---- Obligations and responsibilities of Tiens distributors
---- Compensation Plan
---- Categories, prices, indications, quality and purposes of Tiens products
---- Resignation of distributors
2. It must be explicitly ascertained whether the potential distributor and his/her spouse were Tiens distributors. If one
happened to be a Tiens distributor, the distributor can only sponsor the person six months after the termination of
distributorship. In the event the sponsored person violates any of the provisions of the TPP in the future, leading to the
situation where Tiens Corporation has to give punishment, and the sponsoring distributor and the up-lines sustain losses,
then the matter must be resolved by the concerned parties according to proper rules.
3. The sponsoring distributor must fulll the following responsibilities:
a. Giving their downlines regular retailing trainings, guidance and encouragement. Keep in touch with all members of
the network and solve their problems whenever it’s necessary.
b. Providing special trainings to ensure that all distributors in the direct-selling network operate according to TBP.
c. In case of any disputes among the downlines, mediating and solve the disputes in prompt and friendly manner.
d. Supervising the performance of the downline distributors to ensure professional operation and compliance with
professional ethics standards, proper promotion of Tiens business and superior services.
4. In any given circumstance, Tiens distributors should not try to viciously recruit distributors by directly or indirectly
assisting, instigating, intervening or persuading other distributors to leave their sponsoring line or network.
5. Tiens is dedicated to maintaining the integration of all lines in networks, and it does not permit distributors to shift
their lines arbitrarily; Tiens reserves the right to withhold approval for application for shifting sponsoring lines.

1. Besides the responsibilities as Tiens distributor and sponsor, honorable rank distributors must also fulll the following
a. Ensuring that all distributors in his/her network provide services to consumers in compliance with the TBP.
b. Ensuring that he/she serves as a role model by strictly abiding by the TPP and all revised rules laid down by Tiens; that
he/she provides trainings to all distributors in his/her network so that the latter understand the focus in operating Tiens
business and abide by the TPP and all revised Tiens rules.
c. In case the distributors in his/her network are located in dierent regions, the honorable rank distributor must provide
trainings to distributors in various localities, or help them to participate the conference that boosts their Tiens business.
2. Honorable rank distributors must keep up an active attitude in operating his/her network, and focus on cultivating
and guiding the sound growth of the network; in case they fail to fulll the following key responsibilities, or to play the
role of the network’s leadership, Tiens has the right to withhold any bonuses, ranks, access to travel seminars or any
other rewards or honors related to the distributor.
a. When discovering his/her downline distributors spreading in the market any negative remarks that are not conducive
to Tiens development or hurt Tiens reputation, the honorable rank distributors must put an end to the behavior in the
rst opportunity, help the oending distributor to correct their wrong understanding, and report the matter to Tiens.
b. Honorable rank distributors must make an inspection trip at least once every two months at his/her own cost, to the
local markets for organizing education and training events and providing consultation services to the networks.
c. In case of cross-border market operations, honorable rank distributors must make an inspection trip at least twice every
year at his/her own cost, to the overseas markets for organizing education and training events and providing consultation
services to the overseas networks.
d. Honorable rank distributors must actively organize systematic network education activities and help the spreading of
these activities.
e. Bronze and silver rank distributors must hold business presentation or family party at least once every month.
f. Gold and above rank distributors must support Tiens branches and the network organize education/training or BBS
conference at least twice every month, and share personal experiences and provide trainings as required.
g. Honorable rank distributors must actively implement strategies and policies laid down by Tiens, and work hard to
expand markets and serve as a role model for distributors to boost the markets.
3. To promote to honorable ranks, distributors must achieve the sales criteria specied in the TBP, and abide by the
relevant local rules governing industrial and commercial activities.

Tiens shall, in no way be responsible for any past, current or future liability of the authorized stockiest incurred in his/her
individual capacity while conducting business of selling Tianshi Product Range. Distributor shall have a cooling o period
of 30 days to cancel the contract and receive refund of any money paid. Distributor will be entitled to seek refund in
terms of cooling o period and refund policy of the Tiens. Distributor will also acknowledge that he will not be entitled
to claim any refund beyond the period specied in the said policy of the Company.

d. Honorable rank distributors must actively organize systematic network education activities and help the spreading
of these activities.
e. Bronze and silver rank distributors must hold business presentation or family party at least once every month.
f. Gold and above rank distributors must support Tiens branches and the network organize education/training or BBS
conference at least twice every month, and share personal experiences and provide trainings as required.
g. Honorable rank distributors must actively implement strategies and policies laid down by Tiens, and work hard to
expand markets and serve as a role model for distributors to boost the markets.
3. To promote to honorable ranks, distributors must achieve the sales criteria specied in the TBP, and abide by the
relevant local rules governing industrial and commercial activities.

1. When distributors are found in violation of the provisions of the TPP, Tiens has the right to give punishments to the
oending distributor according to Rules Governing Review of Compliance of Distributors.
2. Tiens has the right to decide whether to issue a statement, as a warning, about the violation in the form of notice,
circular memo, newsletter on Tiens website, internal journals, E-mails or at meetings; the statement may include, but
are not limited to, such information about the oending distributor as name, distributor number, rank, details of violation
and punishment.
3. In case a Tiens distributor receives sales rewards in a way violating Tiens rules, Tiens has the right to recalculate, and
deduct, and cancel the bonuses and ranks of parties concerned.
4. Punishments on violations are graded on a scale from one to nine, that is, punishments are made according to the
grade in which the severity and adverse inuence of the violations falls.
5. Punishment scale:
Grade 1: warning in writing
Grade 2: warning in writing and notice issued on Tiens media
Grade 3: verbal commendations, if due otherwise, will be canceled, with punishments in grade 2 included
Grade 4: 50% of bonuses deducted for the oending month, with punishments in grade 3 included
Grade 5: 100% of bonuses deducted for the oending month, with punishments in grade 3 included
Grade 6: 100% of bonuses deducted for 3 months starting from the oending month, with punishments in grade 3 included
Grade 7: 100% of bonuses deducted for 6 months starting from the oending month, with punishments in grade 3 included
Grade 8: 100% of bonuses deducted for 12 months starting from the oending month, with punishments in grade 3
included, and all of the honor rewards canceled for the year
Grade 9: Tiens distributorship, all bonuses and honor rewards cancelled Grade of punishment are determined solely by
Tiens in light of similar past practices and are not open to challenge by distributor.
6. In case distributors, who are major or potential parties involved in a compliance review in progress, apply for modication
of some registered information, Tiens has the right to withhold the approval temporarily, and make decisions according
to results of the review.
7. Tiens has the right to review the access of distributors under punishment to travel seminars, annual conference or other
8. In case of intervention of local government departments in cases of violations, Tiens may deal with the case in consideration
of their opinions, and decide the grade of punishment according to the adverse inuence of the violation on the local market.
9. Even if Tiens has not been held responsible certain case of TPP violation or negligence, it does not mean that Tiens won’t
pursue the responsibilities of the same violations by other distributors.

1. Distributors may lodge a complaint within 6 months of the infringement of his/her rights (violation of rules).
2. In case distributor made an overdue complaint against any violations, Tiens has the right to refuse acceptance of the case.
3. Any distributor who wishes to lodge a complaint must ll out the Form Distributor Complaint against Network Disputes,
and submit written complaint documents signed by the complaining distributor, with the original and a copy of the
distributor’s ID and distributorship card attached.
4. Distributors may complaint through Tiens branches. Having done so, the distributor must refrain from leaving the
registered address as much as possible and keep in touch with Tiens, accept enquiries/investigation and give further
support materials as required.
5. Upon receiving and accepting the complaint from Tiens distributor, Tiens will start the investigation within prescribed
time. During the process, the complaining distributor and the alleged oending distributor must actively work with
Tiens. Tiens reserves the right to freeze the bonuses of the distributors concerned.
6. During the investigation, Tiens will take necessary measures to collect evidence as it thinks t.
7. Tiens will handle the complaint according to Tiens rules and results from investigation, evidence collection and
mediation, and notify both the complaining distributor and alleged oending distributor of its decisions.
8. The complaining distributor may appeal to Tiens for review of the case within 10 working days of the notication, with
supplement of new evidences; when the 10-day period expires, it will be construed that distributors have accepted the
9. Upon receiving the appeal and new evidence, the CHQ will launch a review of the decisions on the case.
10. The decisions made by Tiens in light of the new evidences in the review process will be nal, and the appealing
distributor must accept same and may not renew his/her appeal.
11. Nothing in this shall prevent Tiens from taking suo-moto cognizance of any wrongful act of the distributor in violating
TPP and take suitable action and give punishment as per Grade described above.

1. If Tiens believes that within the network of a leading distributor, one or more distributor misrepresents the TBP, or
seriously violates the TPP, Tiens may take MEC against all or part of the members of the network.
2. Before taking MEC, Tiens will inform the distributors of the reasons to ensure that they are aware of the necessity of
the action.
3. When Tiens informs the distributors according to rules, they are permitted to make a statement about the whole
incident, and make an investigation in his/her network within a prescribed period.
4. Distributors who have been subject to MEC should nish a thorough retraining to learn how to correctly represent and
implement the TBP, and educate other distributors within the network. The retraining sessions will be hosted by leading
distributor or other designated distributors under the supervision of Tiens.
5. The leading distributor or other designated distributors must submit retraining sessions’ agenda, which should contain
date, time, venue, expected number of attendees and names of lecturers of the TBP.
6. During the retraining sessions, each attending distributor must sign in on attendance form, which should be submitted
to Tiens by the leading distributor or other designated distributors.
7. Tiens may delegate representatives to attend the retraining sessions, in order to keep informed about the proceedings
and place special emphasis on the essential part of the TBP; the representatives may host the sessions instead of the
original hosts when necessary.
8. If the distributor or relevant sponsors are slow or even fail to take proper and eective measures within the prescribed
period, Tiens has the right to take further actions against them.